I know I'll probably get varying suggestions, but I'm in a pinch.

I have practiced making prints for a while now, and they're good enough that I'm starting to get happy with them. Now I'm facing a problem, as I want to start displaying the prints, as a matter of fact, I am going to in a couple of weeks.

I understand I need a mat, for which I have a bevel cutter, and a backboard to support it from the back. The rest is a mystery to me, however.
I could search these forums, but I don't have time. I need help from a kind soul here, who can fill me in on what I need to get started. Time is very short.

What do I need to mount the print to the mat? How do I mount the print to the mat? Do I attach the back board and the mat somehow, or are they just clamped together in the frame?

Very grateful for help,

- Thom