You have to be kidding! Why? WHY!?
Also - you think you only need one of each?! There are so many SLR's... not to mention TLR's... RF's... and on and on...

Jokes aside - you will soon find that there are situations where the TLR is king, some where it may indeed prove to be the only way to take a photo, and on the other hand - you will definitely run into situations where the opposite is true. I find a TLR such a great stealth camera - most people now days dont even know what one is, hence, they dont pay attnetion to it, or at lease have no idea whent the picture will come and - out of which end of the camera!
In the end, you will want all the pretty cameras - the only question is, given that we also need food and shelter and such, is which tog et first - and in that case I thin the SLR is a little more flexible therefore would get my nod (unless I had a TLR in my hand...- just kidding!)