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There have been a moderate number of leaf-shutter 35 mm SLRs, e.g., Kowa, Contaflex, Retina Reflex, and more. But all, AFAIK, with convertible lenses (interchangeable front elements) or lens in front of shutter. That is, none with interchangeable lenses in shutter.

Also many, many leaf-shutter 35 mm folders and rigid bodied cameras. So many that I'm surprised you asked.

What do you hope to accomplish?
The 35mm models you mention above I did not know of. I was more interested in any lenses w/shutters available for a typical SLR line. It was just a matter of my inquisitiveness as to whether a leaf shuttered lens for a 35mm camera would give less vibration then a body shutter or a body shutter and mirror combo, especially at slow speeds.