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Thanks for the input Paul. I did speak to my agent and they gave me two options: 1) I can give them the lens and they will cut me a check right there for the insured amount, no questions asked, or 2) I can get a repair estimate and they will pay that amount, whichever I prefer.
When I dumped my wife's DSLR in a river, my insurance agent told me that they would process the claim.

However, she also mentioned
1) I have a significant deductible
2) that they keep track of who makes claims, and this doesn't help you in getting good rates, or renewed, etc.

I am pretty sure that (2) was not something she was supposed to say, but in the end I didn't file the claim.


If you junk the lens, let me know. I am giving old camera stuff to my nephew. I figure 9 year olds love to take things apart, and lenses are always cool toys....