This is a bigger question than you might realize. What kind of photos do you want: wide angle shots of constellations, close-up views of the planet mars itself, star trails, long exposures of deep sky objects, etc? There are many types of astrophotography that require different films, equipment, and techniques, and many require a fair bit of trial and error learning to become competent. The topic takes a book to cover decently, and several books to cover extremely thoroughly.

Covington's book, see the web site mentioned by David Brown, is an excellent resource and will take you from beginner to advanced techniques. Robert Reeves' Wide Field Astrophotography is also great (search for a reference to it on another thread here on APUG) for photographing with regular lenses (no telescope). Wallis & Provin "A manual of advanced celestial photography" is out of print, but superb.

This is not a topic that any single post can begin to describe. Tell us more specifics about what you want to do and we can give you some more info and perhaps pointers.

For starters, to track the stars with your camera during long exposures search on "Trott drive", "scotch drive", "scotch mount" or "barn door drive" in google. You'll find something useful that you can build yourself without too much trouble.