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The 35mm models you mention above I did not know of. I was more interested in any lenses w/shutters available for a typical SLR line. It was just a matter of my inquisitiveness as to whether a leaf shuttered lens for a 35mm camera would give less vibration then a body shutter or a body shutter and mirror combo, especially at slow speeds.
Tom Hoskinson suggested one way, but you have to understand that it can be awfully slow working. Open lens shutter. Open diaphragm up to widest. Focus, compose; or compose, focus. Close lens shutter. Stop lens down to shooting aperture. Cock lens shutter. Fire SLR shutter on B or T. Fire lens shutter. Close SLR shutter. lower mirror, advance film. Open lens shutter. And so on.

I think on the whole -- Tom may disagree -- you'd be better off with good support or, where possible, illumination by electronic flash to eliminate the effects of camera and subject movement.

FWIW, I also use process lenses in barrel on my Nikons. With good support and, where possible, shooting mirror up (mirror lock or the self-timer trick) I get good results. My current daydream is to put a male Nikon mount on a plate that will fit a 2x3 Graflok back so I can use my Graphics to get the extension needed and shoot cheap 35 mm film. See my report in the "roll y'r own" forum on my tandem camera.

Sorry, ain't no magic bullets where you're looking,