The Moskva 5 can be a great camera, but can take work and a bit of luck to get it there. I had to buy two of them and make one good working camera from the parts. After I made a complete camera, I had light leaks and focusing the rangefinder to do (using a ground glass.) I put thin black foam under the edge of the pressure plate to help with leaks. End result is a compact camera with a great lens. This lens takes as sharp a picture as any of the Kodak lenses I've had (Ektar, Anastar, Anastigmat) as well as the Tessar and Optar I've used. I wonder how many Moskva users that weren't happy with the lens quality just needed to have things aligned properly? I have heard some of the lenses weren't internally lined up right at the factory, so not much could be done with those. One of the cameras I bought had a badly misaligned front standard. The other camera was fine with the standard but had a broken shutter. I put the good shutter on the good camera and went from there. One thing for sure, I got a great lens on this camera!

Here's a link to my yahoo photos pic taken with a Moskva 5. I just wish the internet pic would show the sharpness and nice creamy look the print has.

This is one camera I intend to keep. Wish it had a bigger viewfinder, though.