hi there

i used to make glass positives using liquid light ... fun stuff!
i never used any stop bath, and used a water bath instead.
2 fixer baths is to make sure the emulsion is completely fixed. if you leave it in one fix bath, it will become more exhausted faster, and the image won't be 'stabalized" ( from what i remember) ... i think michael smith has some info on 2 fixer baths in the "writings" seciton of his website).

i never used it too much on paper or canvas, but you probably need some sort of a binding agant ( subbing agent ) to keep the emulsion from being absorbed too much into you medium.

from what i remember there was a number for rockland colloid on the instruction manual. the folks there are very eager to help people use their "stuff".
they might have the info you need here: http://www.rockaloid.com/ ( on their website : ) )

good luck!


ps. if you add a little bit of developer to your liquid emulsion it will make it a little more contrasty, and increase the asa a little bit too.