They are old school. They are expensive. They are clunky, out of fashion, and worst of all, collectable. No cool photographer would use a Leica, because you can own 421 Holgas instead. Maybe more.

Here is why I still love my Leica: as I get old, older, and older still, I can still focus because the photographer's vision doesn't determine the focus accuracy, which outstrips an SLR or AF anything by a factor of Really Big.

Here is a film test / old lens test while waiting for Vancouver to go down in overtime Saturday night.

M camera, 50/1.5 Sonnar (circa 1945), APX 100 in Xtol, 1/15 @1.5. Just an 'at home kinda picture', focussed exactly where it was supposed to be. And another snapshot for the family book. A little thing, at best. But a nice one. And that's why I still use a Leica, for the little stuff.