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df, I didn't need to know why you still use a Leica. Why you do isn't really anyone's business but yours. But since you've raised the issue, what puzzles me is why you felt it necessary to justify your practice in public.


Perhaps because it's instructive to know why people who have thought about it carefully, or are very happy with what they've chosen, have made a particular choice. Like the Contax G2 threads, or the "Nikon F? is the best camera ever made" thread this is informative for those who don't have a chance to actually handle some of the cameras you don't see every day.

The Leica marque pushes some hot buttons because of expense, the people who hoard them rather than shoot them, and because of the snotty behavior of some who own them. I could name several other brands some of whose owners fall into that last category. Both Canon and Nikon intimate in their advertizing that you're not a real photographer unless you use their equipment.

I took the initial post as a factual representation of why one might choose a Leica, with a bit of humor thrown in. It comes on the heels of remarks in other threads about why the Leicas are not worth the money (to some folks), and I interpret that as an attempt to start a neutral new thread instead of a flame war.

BTW, my father developed cataracts and had trouble with a detached retina, and the camera he chose to use was a Minolta CLE (Leica mount rangefinder) precisely because he could still focus and frame accurately with that finder, and it was compact for travel.


P.S. I've met a lot of Leica users. The collectors are often the preposterous ones. I've never met a Leica user who's pretentious, but I'm sure they're out there.