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"If you take a Nikon, a Canon and a Leica to the top of Mt Everest, the only one that will still be working is the Leica."
Prompted by this thread I did a biot of searching: The cameras which actually did go up Everest first were a Contax, a Kodak and a Rollei (of course!).


Shooting in Everest

(image and text, excerpt from 'Alfred Gregory's Everest'. by Alfred Gregory)
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My 35 mm cameras were a Contax and a Kodak Retina 2. The Contax, with 50 mm and 125 mm interchangeable lenses, was my main camera for colour but when I went high on the South-East Ridge, to almost 28,000 feet, I carried the more compact Retina up to the highest camp. Throughout that day I only shot Kodachrome from which excellent blank and white negatives were made later.

I also took a twin-lens Rolleiflex which I used for black and white. Despite being more bulky than the Contax and Retina it was extremely easy to use and with its superb Zeiss lens it was capable of producing pictures of exquisite qualityl I took it as the South Col and the final results made the extras effort well worth while. When in recent yers these three cameras were stolen I felt I had lost a very real part of history.