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Just took a close look at who is in this exchange. HOLY CRAP Batman! I am so outclassed it ain't even funny.
Ummm...fear not Mark, for I, Art, am KING of the outclassed in this field...You are looking at the bottom of the barrel here.

I just bought the contact-thingamajig-with-a-hinge-holder-thing (what is it called anyway?) today at B&H. It was the last one. Hopefully, next weekend will be bright and sunny with lots of UVA rays!

Also bought a kallitype kit from the Photographer's Formulary to practice!

BTW, I blame Jeremy Moore for my dive into making PT/PD prints. If he didn't send out a beautiful PT/PD print in the last Exchange Round, I never would have been curious about this practice. A pox on your nose Jeremy, a big pox on your nose!

Regards, Art. (Thank GAWD, my Polaroid stuff is standing by...)