Hi ...

I'm quite new to APUG, and I'm just hoping someone more knowledgable and experienced than myself might be able to give me some advice. I recently stumbled upon, and aquired for a song, a Thornton-Pickard mahogany and brass folding 5x7 view camera. It's in beautiful shape. I've given it a good cleaning, and the original leather bellows are fully intact, as is the original brass f8-f64 'rectoplanat' lens. It came with one original mahogany film holder (2 films), originally 5x7 but modified to 4x5. The only problem is this...the shutter. It was working when I first picked it up, but only one or two clicks later and the spring was gone. Not surprising, as the "College" edition was produced from 1912-1926, as far as I've been able to tell. It's a classic rollerblind shutter, a divided curtain runs between two spools inside the wooden shutter housing...you pull a string (with a bright red tassle on it!) and the shutter sets and locks, then you depress a lever on the side to release it. So, what I need to do is fix the spring mechanism inside, and also replace the curtain, which is very old and full of holes. I have ablosutely no idea how to do this. Can anyone give me any advice? Suggest a place to look? Give me a good starting point....anything? I usually shoot medium format, and this is my first experience with such a camera, and I'd really love to get it working. Any advice, ...and I do mean ANY advice would be helpful.

Thanks and happy shooting,