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I use a Moskva 5 and mine is very sharp, even pretty decent at f5.6, with good contrast. The RF is spot on, as are the shutter speeds it would seem.

Mine's not the most pristine example, and has had its double exposure prevention mechanism removed, but then it only cost $20. It is not the easiest thing in the world to handhold, but a bit of practice makes it easier. It is easier to handhold vertically.

I have owned two Moskva 5 6X9 folders and an older Moskva 4 6X9 folder. Both of the Moskva 5 holders were in almost mint condition, but the struts were very sloppy and the rangfiner was off so I never felt comfortable using either of them.The Moskva 4, on the other hand, looked like it had been through two wars, but it was very rigid and the rangefinder was spot on. I sold the two Moskva 5s and kept the 4, which I still use from time to time.

The Moskva 4 also has the Industar lens of the 5. If you use the camera on a tripod and focus accurately this lens is a very good performer.