And it is THAT thought that allows me to even consider doing this Mateo. After all it was one of your prints that gave me the desire to continue printing alt process. The feed back will be great if nothing else....that and the chance to see how others work looks in person. After all, how many Ziatype printers are out there? It will be fun, and really like the idea of 4x5 or 5x7 because it keeps the image intimate...and I like the size, nice to know everything does not have to be ULF to be good.

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Ummm...I think you guys might have the wrong idea here. What made me think of this in the first place were the prints I have that were made by some gifted and experience printers. Having something to look at was a big push for me to see what could actually be done in any of the processes. I certainly do hope that anyone who would be interested in participating but is afraid because they are just starting out, would go ahead and join in.