I'd like to have available an 800 -1000 ISO film. I have so far used Ilford films and developers and would prefer to continue to do so. I like them, I'm used to them, and I can get them relatively easily. So, my choices right now are between pushing HP5+ or Delta 400, and developing in Ilford DDX or Ilfosol S. I might be able to special order other developers, but would prefer to stick with one of these two unless there is a compelling reason to change.
I considered pulling Delta 3200, but I travel quite a bit and it doesn't like airport X-Rays. Possibly the other two rated at say 1000 wouldn't like X-Rays either, but I've never had an X-Ray problem with HP5+ or Delta 400 using them at their rated speeds.
Any thoughts on a good safe starting point would be much appreciated.