Once, I had a student.

He wanted to learn something about picture making because he liked photographs and was going to become a Dad and wanted to take pictures of his child-to-be.

He learned how to expose Tri-X and develop it in D-76. He learned how to make a picture in the the window light cast of an open sky. And, he learned how to make a good, straigtforward print on fiber paper. He bought a simple camera, an inexpensive enlarger. And, when the baby was born, the little girl was photographed on the 3rd step from the bottom of the stairs to the second floor of his little home.

He made a picture of his daughter on her birthday, and made a small enlargement, matted it and framed it, and hung it in his office.

He made a picture of her again on her next birthday, and on every birthday until she became a mother herself. The, she was photographed with her little girl.

Today, he has 30 framed photographs in his office.

He makes one picture every year, in the same place, of the same person. It is developed in the same developer, printed on the same type of paper, with the same old enlarger and camera.

He has a body of work that surpasses mine by any measure, and is one of the finest photographers I have ever met.

Thirty years ago, he was my student. Today, I am his.

That is the subject of this thread.