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Lots of photographer will mount on a 2ply board, and overmat with a 4ply. It saves abit of space and also its 1/2 the cost for the mount.

Personally, 2ply is too thin and flimsy for me...so 4ply mount, 4ply over mat.
Agree with this, except that for prints smaller than 8x10, find that the 2ply does work OK, with a 4 ply overmat. Anything larger and when I can afford it, much prefer the 4ply mount with 4ply over mat. They just look good...if I could afford the 8ply (and cut it) I would. If you can't afford the Artcare board at least go with the good boards from one of the other vendors like LI. A well mounted print adds to the overall appearance of a photo, but a poorly mounted one moves the focus from the print to the matting job....just my opinion though. Never really cared for the foamcore mounts, but that may just be me...makes a nice backing material when framing though.