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But tell me this: I can not afford a Leica of any sort - the closest I can come is an old Leica SLR body... but no lens. Please advise me: should I just quit? Should I give up photography?
As much of PN's Leica forum demonstrates, owning the finest camera in the world won't make your crappy snapshots and bug-zoomins into art.

And generally, the glass is more important for the image than the body. The body is just important for actually getting the image at all. That's why I like my Hexar. Summicron quality lens, 300$ price-tag.

HCB would have still be HCB, even if he was toting around a Holga.

It's the vision you can't buy.

Though I'm not sure Ansel would have been Ansel witha Holga.