Last sunday morning we were out for a drive and I thought I'd take this picture. ( No comments please on "perspective". I have to repair the gear lock on the front rise.) On the negative to the left of the clock tower are several translucent spots. The camera amd film were all in the truck all night and it was cold. The temperature rose quickly in the morning sun and when I swapped lenses, I had to wipe the condensation from the glass surfaces of the lens that I took out of the cold carrying case and brought into the warm air. I never even thought of condensation getting onto the film, but I'm guessing that's what happened when I pulled the dark slide.

I'm going to print it anyway and see how it looks. This is where I may learn to use spotting dyes. Then I'll go back and take it again.

tech : 1941 Agfa 8x10, Ilex 12" Paragon, f/22, 1/25'th sec, PlusXAero rated at 25, D-D23 for 4 and 6 minutes.

(Yes, I could have used tilts, but.....that would mean I was thinking)