First of all, film shot for enlarging is never developed in Pyrocat at a 2-2-100 dilution. The 2-2-100 dilution is for negatives designed for alternative process or Azo. That explains why your negatives are contrasty. If you take the 2-2-100 time on the blue channel reading of HP5 and use the same amount of time but cut the dilution to 1-1-100 you should be fairly close.
Thanks. I have been aware of Pyrocat-HD for a year or two and assumed that it would be less suitable for my purposes, ordinary silver printing on VC and occasionally on graded papers, using 120 and some 35mm. I use PMK generally and have been happy with it, except that I've experienced some variations when I've mixed up a new batch (despite being quite careful).

It was Sandy's recent article that prompted me to try his developer. Obviously one needs to be prepared to experiment when starting out on a new and rather different developer. What surprised me, and I still don't understand it, is that I chose the time for gamma=0.5 which I thought would have given me the level of contrast I was looking for.

Anyway, I'll follow your advice and report back.

Thanks again.