As my Fuji RF needed to go to the camerarepair shop (BTW, in Bergen, close to Ole's residence) after just 4 rolls, for who knows how long, and I have a huge stockpile of assorted (new, expired, b/w, E6, C41, ISO 50, 100, 400 ) 120 film to play with...

OK, so I needed a 120 camera to play with ASAP! Right ?

After several near misses at ebay (my snipes got sniped! :-) I got this baby..

No other bids ?? Hummm.. a dud ? But it will be a nice display camera if so...

Any information on this camera ? Fixed focus or zone focus?? it said rangefinder in the text but I assume that its only a viewframe ? Any (simple) home CLA which should be applied?

I know it cant compete with my Fuji GS645S, but can be expected in terms of image quality?