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Nice little camera, but... Note that the seller had "checked both speeds"!

If I'd known, I would have loaned you one
Yes, looks like my "metering" from now on will be only High or Low and a few other combinations ;-) I'm been unable to find a simular camera/lens close-up to determine its make, focallength, f stops etc.. Time will show....

Thanks, for your kind offer! I might just do that if the repair takes to long time.... (Camera & Videoteknikk as )
(Jeg er i Bergen i overgangen november / desember..)

But the most important project is to finish off my darkroom to do 5x7 ++ contact copies though... the last 20% of work takes 80% of the time???? MF (RF / folders) is to be the play thing on the side, me think.. But as this has progressed in the last year I need to reserve space for that 5x7 enlarger inluding MF masks...