If you get into Florida...

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park ("St. Joe Spit") southwest from Apalachicola has some high dunes and white sand beaches, with some good vantages from dune crossovers.. The spit is oriented n-s.

Apalachicola and Carrabelle are still to some extent fishing towns although rampant gentrification is "ruining" them and steadily turning them into versions of Seaside. Get 'em before they're gone. There's an interesting lighthouse (Crooked River Light) back in the pines just west of Carabelle on US 98.

Continuing eastward, eat at The Oaks at Ochlockonee Bay and the Spring Creek Restaurant at Spring Creek.

The character of the coast changes east of Ochlockonee Bay; it becomes wide salt marshes without beaches, and is a low-energy area of the Gulf.

In Wakulla County, be sure to go to Wakulla Springs and take the boat ride down Wakulla River. That's feasible for handheld photography only, but it's a great trip.

Continuing east on US 98, just after the bridge at Newport is the turnoff to the right to the St. Marks NWR. Here there's lots of wildlife, upland and marsh views, and a nice lighthouse at the end of the road. As for food/supplies, the nearest are a couple of beer joints at Newport; there's nothing in the refuge.