I've been involved in photography since I was 8 or 9. My parents had a darkroom, so it was natural to spend time there. Developed roll film with the old 'apron' tanks. (My first role successfully put the 620 backing paper in the apron and left the film on the floor&#33 As someone said earlier, it was downhill from there.

At various times I did photo jobs for compensation, worked for awhile as an in-house photo technician for a cosmetics company, did some weddings and portraits as a side line. I finally stabilized on a non-photo job for 30 years. Recently retired and plan to spend more time shooting and in the dark. Took two workshop classes, the rest was self taught. Most recent class was a workshop with Cole Weston - a fabulous experience to meet him, hear him talk about his father, and see many original Weston prints up close ouside of a museum.

I use a range of equipment, 35mm (old Nikons), 6x6 - an old Hasselblad 500c set up with 4 lenses, a 4x5 Calumet (cc402) with 4 lenses, and built a Bender Kit 8x10 which has a venerable 12/19/25 Turner Reich (restored by S.K. Grimes). My B&W darkroom can handle up to 4x5 for enlarging. The 8x10 is for contact prints only. I do color snaps in 35, but medium and large format is for black and white prints (fiber base paper, archival processed and often lightly selenium toned).

I currently live in California...and though I plan a move soon, I'm planning to move to the coast where I can photograph all the rocks, surf, twisted trees and all to my hearts content.