Ever since Bob Herbst wrote about the X Rite 361 T densitometer they have been going for ridiculous prices at E bay, I even saw one go for more than $700.

Recently a guy had a X Rite 369 for auction. So I called X Rite and asked them what the deal is with this model. Well it turns out it has a blue light source and it is used for diazo or silver films. Now the guy who sold it had no idea what he had in his hands, and since it was called in the title a 361T but then in the description he mentioned it was really a 369 but it looke a lot like a 361T.

Anyway to make a long story short, the opening bid was only $80 and nobody bid on it since it was not a "real" 361T. I took a chance and got it for that price. It turns out that if people are doing alt printing or Azo with stainning developers this is an even better densitometer than the 361T, since the light source is blue, it reads the "visible" channel the same as the blue channel in a color densitometer (I verified this with my color densitometer), and of course if you are reading the UV channel then you get the UV absorption.

Best of all, nobody knows this yet, so if you see a 369 for sale and are doing alt printing or Azo with stainning developers, get it! you just might walk away with a great deal. I imagine that even with non stainning developer this would work great in the visible channel.

Of course, before I bid, I checked the guy's feedback, he had 200+ transactions with 100% positive feedback, so I was fairly confident the item was as described. I just got it today and the things looks almost like new and it works perfectly....There are times when the planets align perfectly and things just work out great.