Dave, I am also shocked at some of the prices for new cameras. I always thought that maybe they only sell one or two a year? ;-)

But to be practical, the bellows is the killer. A new replacement can easily run $350 or more (okay, that's 8x10).

I would have to say that if I built a wood field camera, I doubt I would be willing to sell it for less than $1000. Start with a $350 bellows. Add cost of brass, good wood, screws, washers, custom inserts (tripod, etc.). Do all that machining. Do all that fine finishing. Add the costs of labor. $1000 may not be enough?

But if someone has the resouces of wholesale materials and a CNC machine, then I could see, well, a $1000 camera... There does have to be some profit involved in there or why bother?