Dear APUG Members,

With this my first post, I thought I'd say how useful you all are, and long may you run!

I am investigating the options available for processing 120 colour film at home.

Much research points me towards the Jobo CPE-2.

I have read the advice many of you have already posted regarding this unit, and much of it is favourable. One thing I am not clear about:

Is the Jobo lift required?

Also, would any of you further recommend the unit for this type of process at home?

Or are there other options you might suggest?

As a note, I'd expect to process a batch of 10-20 120 rolls a month.

I would also like to feel that wonderful feeling that my way of processing film is better than anything else - because I do it, and because I researched the process well in the first place! Oh what utopia!

Many thanks in advance...