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The dumb things I've done in the darkroom would overflow this forum.
And the cusses I've cussed would not be suitable for the genteel company of sailors and whorehouses.
Oh yeah? Well, I've done LOTS dumber things than you!!

Try mixing up a liter of RA-4 processing chemicals - and realizing I was developing *FILM* - C-41 - just in time to avoid pouring it into the tank. That was the latest - yesterday - in a l-o-n-g line of mistakes.

Then there was the time in a "fine art" (hmm... Freudian slip... I typed "fun art", before I corrected it) session, where I went through a whole set of absolutely *brilliant* and beautiful poses - with an empty magazine in the 'Blad.
I tried to save things by saying (after my obvious stunned reaction), "Uh, wait - I'm going to take one more roll..." The model looked at me and said, "Nice try, slick - an empty magazine." So much for acting "cool".

Cursing ... A freind of mine's father owned and operated a Beauty Salon. You should hear the language those women use. Enough to embarass a troop of drunken Combat Engineers....