When I got the Nettar someone in PN suggested that I put a piece of paper about the size of the negative and cover it with double-sided sticky tape
Then put the sticky tape side towards the bellows, and open and close the bellows with the camera pointing up.... dust got in the tape not in the film (at least in theory)

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The worst of the German 6x6 folders is better than the best Holga, if you're after evenly illuminated images that are in focus across the entire frame. Even if it's "just" a triplet, it'll look great at f/8 or smaller.

No, it's not going to be fixed focus, probably scale focus -- and might well be in feet, rather than meters (one foot is 305 mm, near enough). There'll be anywhere between three and eight shutter speeds, plus B and possibly T. No double exposure protection, most likely, and red window advance (so no 220 for this one).

In other words, it's very similar to the Speedex 4.5 (aka Isolette I) and Nettar 6x6 folders I have, both of which make perfectly acceptable images if you can set the focus accurately and hold them steady. Take a vacuum cleaner to the inside of the bellows, and you'll get rid of most of the junk that would otherwise land on your film (and in any case, the stuff thins out after 4-5 rolls).