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Thanks for your comments. Iím trying to get speeds between ľ secs and 2 secs, in some Russian TLRs (Komsomolets and Lubitel 2). The Lubitel 2 has speeds above 1/15 and the Komsomolets has speeds above 1/25, and I want something slower. My idea was to take a working shutter from a dead camera and connect it to a cable release (no electronics involved); Iím not looking for a very high degree of precision, but Iím not so experienced (yet) as to be able to keep a shutter open within the range of speeds I mentioned. My options seem to be either a) find/build a device to do it or b) spoil a lot of film while I learn to do it on my own ...
Thanks again
Buy an ex-oscilloscope camera Ilex #3 Universal shutter. These are often offered on eBay. Clean and adjust it. Don't lubricate, they are made to run dry. Hold it in front of your TLR's taking lens. Fire the TLR's shutter on "B" with a locking cable release. Then fire the Ilex. Then close the TLR's shutter.

I've just looked at my crappy old Lubitel 2, this should be possible but not much fun.

But on the whole you'd be better off with a better camera that had a fully-speeded shutter.