I travel mostly in Asia, and their security hasn't changed in the last few years (but it's pretty hi-tech). I carry the film in ziplocs, and usually they just look at the bag, say "film" and wave me through. I have more security and overweight luggage problems in the little airport where I catch a Dash-7 to Vancouver, the nearest international airport (unlike one post I read, I have never had someone want to open the metal cannister to physically inspect the actual film).

I put my 400 EI film through the X-Ray machines if I'm in a hurry or it looks too hectic to ask for a hand inspection. They few times I've taken Delta 3200 I keep it in a separate bag for the hand inspection. As I said, no problems so far. "Mildly Concerned" would describe it better then "Really Worried". I'll try out the three films here before deciding which one will be my 800 EI film.

I wasn't very fond of Delta 3200 as 3200, but it sounds like a different film at 800, and I would prefer to use DDX as a developer simply because I can get it easily and I may be too chemically challenged to mix powders. ("Chemically challenged" in the sense of ... oh never mind).

I've read some interesting posts about travelling with film in the U.S. From what I've read a)yes, they have to hand inspect it if you insist, b) they may also inspect every other item in your baggage and c) you may very well miss your plane while they do it.

I have thought about developing film while away. We'll see how I do with powders here first.