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C.P. Goerz Berlin was absorbed in the Zeiss/Ikon mergers in the 1920's. They tried selling Zeiss/Goerz Dagors for about 1 year but the brand loyalties clashed and they didn't sell well. Goerz Am. Opt. was started before wwI like Voightlander New York.

"Then there were a bunch of lenses marked "Berlin Dagor" assembled by Burke and James in the USA from crates of lens elements carted off post WWII as war booty."

Burke & James bought the old stock before wwII and were assembled in the U.S. but they did not flood the market with them and sold them for years. At least they didn't label them "Carl Meyer'.

Schneider made some Dagors and some were built in Switzerland AND there was a third 'Goerz' company in U.S.A..

The original Artars were called 'Celor', like Hurrell used for his portraits.

Lynn Jones did a series of articles in "View Camera" magazine years ago that covered most of the history, sorry but I don't remember which issues.

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