The first time I traveled by plane with sheet film, I didn't want to explain to the airport security that they couldn't open the box. I just put it through the x-ray. That was about 10 years ago. Since then, I've stopped worrying about it and even put Delta 3200 through the machines. I've never seen a problem. Maybe there is a slight rise in base fog with the super speed films, but nothing to affect print quality.

That said, I don't think Delta 3200 is a very good film at 800. It's really flat and dull except in extremely contrasty lighting. It's also very grainy for 800 speed. My favorite 800 speed film is Neopan 1600, it's my standard 35mm film now (but I only really use 35mm in low light). It may be a little contrasty, but I tend to prefer that to too flat. After Neopan, I'd try pushing one of the 400 speed films. I think the results will be much better than Delta 3200 at 800.