Now this is very useful reading. Thank you all for detailed explanations of the process - much more than I could hope for.

Redarding the lift - initially I was a bit miffed as to what it did - and since seeing a picture of a tank tipped upwards, and reading the above, I begin to understand how it works in the CPE2.

I do wonder if manual tipping is as good, but with no CPE2 as yet I'd imagine the following:

The neg drum attaches with a strong magnet.

To manually pour out the chemicals one pulls the drum from the rotating engine, pour chemicals out of drum into appropriate collecting vessel, refills drum with next appropriate chemical, attach drum to rotating engine etc.

The above is brief, and I hope you users of a jobo can follow it.

Manual would be okay for me maybe, as I have done much developing of B&W 35mm with a Paterson 5 reel tank - timing and pouring you get a feel for with experience. Certainly a focal point of the process!

I have just printed out some fifty pages of CPE2 instruction from the USA site and when a moment arises I will read through it.

In the meantime users advice can often be simpler and more to the point than a technical manual.


Julian (stanley is just delinquent fun!)