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Regarding the lift - initially I was a bit miffed as to what it did - and since seeing a picture of a tank tipped upwards, and reading the above, I begin to understand how it works in the CPE2.

I do wonder if manual tipping is as good, but with no CPE2 as yet I'd imagine the following:

The neg drum attaches with a strong magnet.

To manually pour out the chemicals one pulls the drum from the rotating engine, pour chemicals out of drum into appropriate collecting vessel, refills drum with next appropriate chemical, attach drum to rotating engine etc.
Exactly how it works without a lift, and the way I've been doing it for 5 years.

As others have stated the C41 process time of 3:15 seems short, but isn't if you're prepared. Just detach the drum and start pouring back into the dev bottle at 3:05. Pour in the next solution and reattach to the jobo.

The process times are nowhere near as critical as some would have you believe, (and neither are the temps with an Agfa C41 kit) - Hmmn, must rush out and buy those. Just stay within 15 secs and you'll be fine.