I was chatting with Eric R the other day a couple comments he made got me going on a mental tangent.

Photography (or any visual art) is chiefly about mastering space and tone (add color if you're one of those silly people that *likes* shooting chromes )

Music is about mastering timing (space between notes or beats) and tone.

I'm not going to bother repeating the many other parrallels as I'm sure most of you have heard them many times before.

What I'm curious about is how many of you and how many photographers you know are musically inclined?

How mentally related do you think musical and visual composition is?
I've often heard the old thing "oh, they're creative... they can do anything" but I've started to wonder what the actual mental predespotion is? Are painters more likely to sing? Are sculpters more likely to compose? Are photographers more likely to play in punk rock or country bands depending on whether they are from London or Texas?

Look forward to your replies