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Yes, you are right it is a lovely area.

Last time I was over I started photographing the Old Chinese gold mining settlement in Arrowtown, but I didn't manage to complete it and so plan on working on that.

So, thank you for the info on St. Bathans I am sure I will find it interesting, I shall make a point of finding it!

It isn't hard to find. First go to Alexandra, then take Highway 85 towards Ranfurly. There is a loop road into St. Bathans; one part starts near the community of Becks (it is sealed), but if you go to the unsealed part, a few km up the road from there, you will find a real nice set of clay cliffs near the river. Here is a map of the area you can download: http://www.newzealand.com/travel/lib...=l46331_23.pdf

Also, don't forget to have a beer or two at the Vulcan Hotel.