Jerry Jeff Walker...

We may be getting older quicker than we think. Jerry Jeff Walker has a kid out on the music trail. His name is Django Walker. (from Django Rienhart?) Follows in Pop's footsteps pretty well. It also helps if your dad owns a record lable.

As I have stated in this forum before, "There is only two kinds of music. Country and Western. I got to hear a bunch of Western music this last Saturday. I went to Red Stegall's Cowboy Poetry and Western Swing Festival. It is held in Fort Worth in the Cowtown area on the north side of town. They had a Chuckwagon cook off with maybe 20 wagons and cowboy poetry and music and a trade show and ranch rodeo. These differ slightly from a regular rodeo in that they focus on real ranch activities like branding and herding and the like. Then there was a dance after all the other events were done. A good time was had by all.