If you can get away for most of a day, I find Cocoa Beach to be quite attractive in a retro way. Many parts of the area appear to be stuck in the '70s...good fodder for a photographer. Cape Canaveral is just north of there, and worth a visit even if you don't intend to shoot anything there. (The missle park alone is worth the drive, in my estimation.)

I second the recommendation for the Blue Springs State Park. During my stay in the Melbourne area (3 months back in the mid '90s) it became one of my favorite day trips.

If you're a Salvador Dali fan, St. Petersburg has the Salvador Dali museum. A pretty extensive collection of his work from the height of his surrealist days through the end of his life. Well worth a day if you like Dali at all. When I visited there it was a large, open space inside; people who've been there more recently tell me that it's now divided into galleries to allow for more exhibition space. But the collection is very extensive and well worth the time if you decide to drive toward the Gulf Coast.

Enjoy the trip...lots to do in the area if you're willing to drive a bit.

Be well.