"What it's worth" is always a hard question to answer for any piece of equipment, but family equipment is generally worth more if you keep it in your family.

Having said that, the lens you have is both very desirable and very expensive. The body, not so much, but matched to the lens you have a great street/indoor shooter.

Canon did make a meter booster for the camera that would allow you to meter down to EV -3.5...good luck finding one now. With that combination, the Canon was pretty much an unbeatable dim-light shooter.

The "QL" designation means that the camera has Canon's "quick load" film loading. It was quite an innovation for its time...it allows you to load the film much more easily than other cameras of the same vintage. Today every camera has a version of this feature, but having it on a camera of this vintage is a nice thing.

Reall, the body is a nice, simple body with a few good features. Treated well it should last you a very long time. But the lens you have is extremely desirable...it's one of the faster lenses that's been made for an SLR over the years. You should be able to do some great low-light work with it, or shoot hand-held much closer to dusk than many photographers can with their standard lenses.

Unless you have some pressing need for the money, I'd recommend hanging on to the kit. It's not often that something like this drops into your lap, and selling it now will probably leave you wishing you'd kept it, and unable to find the pieces to replace it. (The lens is obviously very rare...if it was common it would also be cheap.)

Congratulations on getting your hands on such a nice camera. I hope you enjoy using it.

Be well.