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Wait till you get the hang of loading the film and go out and get the shot of a lifetime with the most magnificent light you can imagine. Rush home and load the tank, prepare the chemicals paying special attention to the temperature for you want this roll to be perfectly developed. Put the first solution into the tank and before you stop pouring you know that you've put the fixer in first. Been there done that !*^0"3

Welcome to the club Sean
Luckily, I haven`t had made such mistakes as that yet apart from under/overdeveloping and stupid exposure errors at the taking stage (I think we have probably all done that at one time or another).
I would have been gutted if I had blank negatives, which is one of the reasons why I dread being asked to photograph Weddings which of course can not be repeated if mistakes are made. Wedding photography is a stressful career in my opinion. Blank negs and you get sued.