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I would not try without the lift. Color neg gets marks very easily where the developer first hits it. You need to run at high speed when the developer first enters to wet the film evenly and fast as this is a short process. You may reduce speed ater 30 sec.
Pouring the developer into the tank will wet the bottom of the film and that is all that will be wet until you make it horizontal and rotating. I would predict severe development marks.
Odd. I've always used constant rotation in my CPP-2 Processor (Set at "P") and have never experienced uneven development. The only reason I could think of for the uneveness at the bottom of the roll would be that, for some reason, the tank was not level after becoming horizontal, but that should be the case at any rotational speed.
Without the lift, the two-three -- five second time between pouring into, and "horizontalizing" the tank should not be of any concern.