Hello WmBlunt,

Thanks for the information on the work you sent me. I really, really like the effect that you have achieved. Since that time I have been watching for just the "right shot" and ending with the "right negative" to get the same results.

Christmas is not that far away and I alway say that "the best Christmas presents received are the ones you give yourself" :oops:

I have been attempting (in a very small way) to do digital enlargement of my negatives for Pt/Pd printing. So far not a very satisfying experience. I some how sense that a nice 8x10 camera will be finding it's way to my home soon.

I know that I am hooked on Pt/Pd and it is just a matter of patience and time before I will be doing it myself. I purchased Dick Artnez (sp) book and am fascinated with all of the different factors and controls a printer can use.

Hopefully I will be able to contact you directly once I have all of the equipment and materials to proceed. Thanks again for the wonderful amount of help you have been and for helping me to decide.

Kind Regards,