I was almost a musician before I was a photographer--recorder (played in a recorder consort), clarinet (played in an local orchestra), and now I play and compose music on the hammered dulcimer.

Music has been a big influence on my work. First musical influence was the music of Hindemith and Bartok. In 1971 and 1972 the complexity of their music was a major influence on my work becoming more complex.

And then in 1978 I came across sonograms of bird songs and thet directly influenced the way I saw the world. Some of my photographs from this time, if you squint at them, look pretty much like the sonograms. I kind of liked the idea of making photographs as beautiful as a bird song.

These influences have stayed with me right up to the present and, while not in every picture (because new influences have been added to the mix), they can be readily seen not infrequently.