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I am definitely keeping it - even if it was clunker and/or I could of sold it for mega-bucks the thought didn't cross my mind - but its nice to know others opinions from a gear/techy perspective

I'm chuffed my grandfather was interested in photography enough to purchase a non-standard lens like that - it also came with a 135mm and a small flash - the 135 I dont expect to see much usage, but the flash is a much better fit for my Holga than the Metz currently glued to it

well! - cheers for the info (: happy shooting to all
I'm happy to hear that you're keeping it. My father gave me his Zeiss-Ikon Contessa, and although I have little use for it I cannot imagine selling it. When you consider that a family member went out and bought a top quality piece of equipment, it makes it harder to part with, and a greater joy to use.

Enjoy your camera, and think of your grandfather sometime when you're using it. And definately try out the 135mm lens...you might find a new way of looking at things.

Be well.