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Thanks guys (and no worries Robert, looks like these things happen a lot!)

Well, I am sure I did not put the fixer in first, I have a habit of doing a quick smell test before pouring. I think the next few times I load a roll I might just pop on my night vision goggle and have a quick peek at it to ensure that yes, there's the film. I should be able to reshoot atleast 2 of the 3 shots so will have to head back up and try again. Might even do some polaroid negs as backup just to be extra sure everything is working well. Eventhough it was a loss I still had fun shooting with John and Robert and got some training on the eyes..

There is another possibility. If I recall correctly, you use a Mamiya M645 Super. Is there any chance that you left the dark slide in place?

I know there is an interlock which is supposed to prevent you from releasing the shutter or winding the film if the dark slide is in place, but I have one Mamiya 645 insert that is defective - you can load film on to it, and advance the film through the camera with it, but something is wrong with the gearing or the connection, and as a result, the dark slide interlock doesn't do its job. It lets me merrily shoot a whole roll, and the only clue is that the advance is a bit noisier than usual.

I have other 120 and 220 inserts, and they work fine in that back. If I switch the problem insert to another back, the new back exhibits the same problem. I haven't tried the problem insert on all three of my camera bodies (I probably should) but its pretty clear that the insert is the problem.

I would check the insert, and the dark slide.

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