Hi wiseowl! If you can't get a full crowd then count me in!
Go back through the Round 2 thread and look for the latecomers who didn't make it, they'll probably be interested. That's how I found a bunch of the Round 2 folks. Also, be patient, it'll take a while for people to notice the thread. In the meantime, you can discuss what kind of camera to use, what film, etc. - that'll keep the thread at the top of the list so it gets noticed ... and it's fun besides.
Round 1 used a disposable camera loaded with C41 (color) process black & white film. For Round 2 we used a very cheap Vivitar and decided on HP5+ for the film. Again, looking back through the Round1 & Round2 threads you may see some opinions and suggestions expressed.
Good luck, and thanks for doing this!