This is kind of neat: I've always been (and still will be) a diehard Olympus OM user, as far as 35mm equipment goes. However, yesterday my mom came to visit and brought me a present. She said that, since she likes her digithing so much, she didn't need her 35mm stuff anymore. She said that since I'm such a "film nut" I could have her cameras. She then handed me a fairly good-sized bulging camera bag. Inside I found 2 Nikon EM bodies, half a dozen Nikor lenses, 2 Nikon flash units and miscellaneous filters and other accoutrements. Everything is in excellent shape, I just need to redo the light seals on the bodies and buy new batteries for everything. I still love all my Olympus gear, but this is going to be fun! Anyone know anything about the EM's?