Hi Kathy,
Great to hear you've made to NZ (sorry I'm a little slow to the celebrations).
Arrowtown, I sincerely believe is one of the most beautiful towns in the country. There is a great deal of material to photograph in the area - hope you enjoy the stay. Looks like you'll see the best of the seasons over the 9 months.

Re suppliers, personally I've found Photo & Video to be the best. They seem to have the most comprehensive range and competitive prices, other than the importers and distributors that supply them - Euroco in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Best, John.
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I am travelling over to South Island in a couple of weeks to stay for around about 9 months. My husband is taking up a job in Queenstown and we will be staying in Arrowtown.

I was wondering if there are any APUG'ers in the area?

Also, photography suppliers, I know Photo & Video International in Christchurch are great, but wondered if anyone can recommend anywhere else.

Just one more question this is a bit of a long shot but, does anyone know of a community darkroom in Central Otago/Otago?

Many thanks!